What is Photon skin rejuvenation


Photon skin rejuvenation is a high-intensity beam produced by the instrument. Different types of light can produce different colors, and the naked eye color is the key to it. Different colors are absorbed by the skin of different colors, and the photon energy is used to disintegrate and vaporize the pigment particles, thereby sealing the blood vessels, and then expelling them from the body by the human microcirculation.

1. Biological stimulation: The photochemical effect produced by strong pulsed light on the skin causes chemical changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis and restores the original elasticity. In addition, the photothermal effect it produces can enhance blood vessel function, improve circulation, and achieve the therapeutic effect of eliminating wrinkles and reducing pores.

2. Principle of photopyrolysis: As the content of pigment clusters in diseased tissues is far greater than that in normal skin tissues, the temperature rise after absorbing light is also higher than that of skin. Use their temperature difference to seal the diseased blood vessels and break down the pigment without damaging normal tissues.

So if you have a Photon skin rejuvenation device at home,you can do your beauty anytime .

Photon Skin Rejuvenation Device

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