How to Apply Fake Nail At Home?


1. Choose the nail piece with the same size as the nail (if there is a different size, choose the most similar one and trim it).

2. Soak your hands with warm water, apply softening fluid to the dead skin area on the edges of your fingers, push up the dead skin with a dead skin pusher, and cut off the dead skin with special dead skin scissors.

3. Use a file to carve and polish the nails and polish the nail surface.

4. Apply glue to the trimmed nail piece, press and push it with your fingertips (so that the nail piece can be closely attached to the nail)

5. Cut to the length you think is suitable, and start to polish the half-pasted place, mainly to trim the thickness. After trimming, do not look with the naked eye, but use the finger to feel. If it feels flat, it is trimmed, and then the shape of the nail is trimmed.

(If you have the conditions, it is recommended that you do not need to polish the half-pasted area after applying the false nail , first trim the shape of the nail, and then apply the crystal nail material, which is the crystal half-stick, which is more convenient).


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